Pro Accounting s.r.o.
Náhorní 1816/12
182 00 Praha 8

Tel.: 284 693 944-7
Fax: 283 850 790


The Company provides its clients with a broad range of services related to accounting, tax, economics, wages, and organization. Above all, the Company processes Accounting and tax register, all types of tax returns and accounting of wages. Its other activities include economic and organizational consulting, including the restructuring of companies, financial analyses, credit tables, and personnel and organization audits completed in both business and non-profit sectors.

Given its practical expertise, the Company successfully applies accounting consultancy to the implementation of corporate information system.

Our Company has been entered on the list of legal entities kept by the Chamber of Authorized Accountants.


The company Pro Accounting was established as a legal entity at the beginning of 1995 by the transfer of business activities from a physical entity and it acquired its current form through a transformation project at the end of 1999. At present, the Company has seven full-time employees; it further cooperates with two partners as well as with other renowned experts in the field of individual job orders and consulting. All of our employees are fully qualified and receive ongoing professional training.

Our Company has been entered on the list of legal entities kept by the Chamber of Authorized Accountants


The Company processes accounting and wages for a group of about 50 regular clients, ranking from both physical and legal entities of small and middle sizes. The Company is also active in the area of business and non-profit spheres. Our clients are also legal entities with a 100% foreign property interest.

Every year, the Company completes over on two hundred personal and corporate income tax returns. It processes wages for about 500 employees on a monthly basis.

A list of references is available upon your request.